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    octubre 13, 2019 · Scammers,Red Flags,Avoiding Scams,Protection from Scam,Tips
    A member of our business-leaders-only facebook group (Check it out here!) asked me recently in response to one of my posts: . “Stephanie, perhaps you can do a video sometime about avoiding the fake online gurus promising silver bullet online business systems where they claim to be making...
    septiembre 30, 2019 · Sales,Sales Tips,Handling Objections,Grow Disrupt,Resistant Prospects
    Last week I had two almost identical conversations. Both individuals were referred to me and had indicated interested & excitement via email in a conversation. They scheduled the meeting freely with my calendar, but when we got on the phone, both individuals launched into a list of resistance...
    septiembre 15, 2019 · Event Coordination,Event Creation,Grow Retreat,Small Business Owner,Conferences
    The feeling of putting on a great event is unmatched! At the end of our events, there is this exhilarating “Top-of-the-world” feeling that I haven’t been able to replicate! One of the reasons I think this happens is because putting on an event provide the opportunity for much broader impact...
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