• Our Team

    Our team varies depending on the size of the event and how much staff is needed to ensure you're fully cared for, but our core members will always be here for you!


    Participates in:


    Event Production




    Stephanie took the business world by storm.

    After three years in corporate America she built a business from scratch in under five months months to fully replace her corporate income and walked away to run her own sales training company full-time.


    After growing to the most active and largest sales organization in Central Texas in under a year, Stephanie found there is more to creating a successful business than just sales and now is dedicated to creating business owners out of job owners and business operators while making the tools she's found widely available through our events and online university.


    Learn more about Stephanie or book her as your speaker by visiting her personal site Here


    Participates in:



    Podcast Production

    Retreat MC


    Anna is an author, entrepreneur and radio show producer. She produces and co-hosts Black Belt Selling with Stephanie and also hosts her own award winning show: Sales Mastery.

    Anna has been educating for more than 20 years and trained everything from small businesses to major corporations (like Chick-Fil-A). She has also spoken internationally at the Women's Inspire Conference in Ireland.


    Anna launched her first company back in 2003 (and still runs it today in addition to her role here!) is a third degree black belt and dedicates herself to teaching others to apply the same mindsets and skills that she has learned on her journey to martial arts Master!



    Learn more about Anna by checking out her personal site Here 


    Participates in:

    Graphic design

    Client care

    Stephanie's sanity

    Jessica is an easy-going, insanely optimistic, get-it-done gal. She understands the need to stay focused on the end-goal and helps keep those around her focused on those goals as well.

    Jessica steps up to ensure our clients are receiving timely care for their needs while keeping our staff focused on their key production activities.


    She is the mother of 5 children and the owner of a highly successful and rapidly growing Virtual Assistant Agency which she brings to the table to leverage greater results for our clients.


    Participates in:

    Social Media Marketing

    Graphic Design

    Susannah is a talented, creative individual currently studying for her Bachelor of Music in Fort Worth Texas.


    Susannah dedicates herself to her music and has several original compositions in her off-time from working closely with Stephanie to execute on marketing strategies for maximum growth!


    Susannah has spent the past two years studying social trends and how to increase engagement with the ever-changing algorithms across platforms and brings those talents to spreading the Grow Disrupt message!


    Participates in:

    Event Location


    Event promo

    David is one of the key coordinators of San Japan, the 7th largest anime-con in the United States and brings more than 20,000 people to San Antonio every Labor Day Weekend!


    He has been coordinating events for 12+ years and organized food, lodging and locations for more than 1000 events in his career and now brings his skills to the table to ensure our events run smoothly & professionally!


    David has been one of Stephanie's close advisers and social media master go-to for years!