• Business Operator


    A Business Operator is the primary force driving a team working towards fulfillment of a company vision. This may be a dedicated team of contractors, but usually includes a mixture of contractors and employees. The Business Operator is wearing multiple hats inside the business and could not afford to be replaced at fair market rate without the business crashing, additionally there is rarely enough full-time work under any individual hat to make it worth outsourcing.


    Most Business Operators are actively working to graduate to Business Owner.

  • Business Operator...


    • Eventually able to make more take-home money than the Job Owner
    • Can take short breaks and the company still makes money! 
    • Finger on the pulse of the company 
    • Able to be highly reactive to situations inside the company & out
    • Ability to outsource
    • Team to rely on & brings additional skillsets


    • Can only afford to take short breaks from the business!
    • Must learn to balance profit and company needs and separate profit from paycheck
    • Where most businesses get stuck because the owner/operator never has time for working ON the business!
    • Hard to find solid resources because the needs vary so much based on size!
    • Constant juggling of multiple hats can be exhausting or leave one job ignored
    • Business is not often sell-able
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