• Job Owner


    A Job Owner is usually the primary worker in the business and takes home almost all of the revenue because he/she has very few (if any) employees.

    There is minimal distinction between their checking account and the business checking account and if the Job Owner does not show up for work (e.g. gets sick or goes on vacation), the business makes minimal to no money.

    This person does not have to deal with a boss, but they do have to process the marketing, sales, hiring and vendor management in addition to fulfillment on most or all sales.

    This type of business is usually under $250k annual revenues.


    Some Job Owners are perfectly happy owning their own job and just want to streamline the process to make the 'business' side easier....

    Other Job Owner's are actively working to graduate to Business Operator.

  • Job Owner...


    • Minimal stress regarding customer service
    • No employee headaches
    • Minimal time and skill spent on managing and hiring weekly
    • Very little overhead costs needed
    • You eat what you kill - i.e. if you sell it and fulfill on it, you get almost all the money to enjoy!


    • Constant grind!
    • Rarely able to build serious cash reserves
    • Must wear all hats in business to get good results (Chief Marketing Officer, VP of Sales, CEO, technician, etc)
    • Most taken advantage of - sometimes unintentionally, sometimes intentionally - by vendors 
    • Generally cannot outsource most activities (due to either lack of funds or lack of processes)
    • Skillsets of company limited to your skillsets (for the most part)
    • Working extremely long hours with no light at the end of the tunnel.
    • No Operator = No Business!
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