• A High Intensity Sales Training Experience

  • What is it?

    Okay, sounds cool & you've heard that Grow Disruptevents are just DA BOMB! But what the heck is Sales Bootcamp (Other than the obvious)

    Four Hours

    A compressed timeline!

    Because, let's be honest, it's tough to get two days to attend a sales training seminar when how much you get paid is directly proportionate to how you work!

    High intensity

    Makes it memorable!

    A high intensity trainer renowned across the USA, Stephanie Scheller makes the entire event memorable & fun!

    Training & motivation

    Because what you learn is only as valuable as your motivation to implement!

    Powerful content, tested by 10,000+ sales reps across the US to produce millions of dollars of sales!

  • A Note From Your Host

    Stephanie sat down to chat with YOU for just a minute about Sales Bootcamp!

  • Terms & Conditions

    Payment Plan Defaults:

    If you default on your payment plan and miss a payment the entire amount paid to Scheller Enterprises, LLC belongs to Scheller Enterprises, LLC. Defaulted payment plans do not warrant either a seminar seat, credit towards future or other products or services, or a refund. If payment plan needs to be adjusted, please submit request in writing to info@SchellerEnterprises.com at least 48 hours prior to scheduled payment.


    There are no refunds for seminar payments. Seminar payments may be applied towards other services if desired but request must be submitted in writing to info@SchellerEnterprises.com and written approval of request must be provided prior to fund transfer.

    Rescheduling Policy:

    If you are unable to attend the bootcamp indicated above after payment is processed you may attend any other Scheller Enterprises, LLC hosted Sales Bootcamp that occurs within six months of your chosen bootcamp (provided a seat is available to your chosen camp) but you must provide 10 business-days’ notice of intent to attend replacement camp. You may reschedule once without incurring additional fees provided rescheduling noticed is provided prior to the 72-hour mark of the seminar start. Second requests to reschedule, prior to the 72-hour mark again, will incur a $50 rescheduling fee automatically incurred to the account on file. If rescheduling is required a third time you will be required to purchase a new ticket at market rate. For seminar reschedules requested within 72-hours of seminar start, please see next section.

    Within 72-Hour Rescheduling Policy:

    If you need to reschedule your seminar with 72 hours of the seminar start there will automatically be a $75 rescheduling fee per participant assessed to the account used to pay for the seminar seat. Exceptions available in instances of health or family emergencies but must be submitted in writing to info@SchellerEnterprises.com and written approval must be received prior to seminar start to avoid rescheduling fees.

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