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  • What's the big deal about Grow Disrupt?

    Grow Disrupt events are a LITTLE different than you're used to!

    Real Content

    At Grow Disrupt events, we give you actual content then walk you through adapting it to your company. All you have to do the next day is start rolling it out!


    And all our content comes from people who have actually been doing what they are teaching.


    No half-truths.

    No endless stories without a clear point.

    No BS.


    Just real info for real business people!

    Great People

    We've noticed that the people who actually register and SHOW UP for our events are pretty freaking awesome!

    These are the movers and shakers and the people who are committed to their future!


    Plus the way we run our events allows you to interact & get to know them in ways you won't experience at a normal networking event!

    Your Trainer

    Stephanie Scheller

    As the head trainer for Grow Disrupt, Stephanie will be delivering the training personally at this event, has built hiring processes for nearly 100 companies and will be on-site all-day to answer questions and personally review your hiring process & provide feedback!

    Panel of Experts

    ESI Team Members

    With several decades of experience in HR cumulatively, the team from ESI will update you on the changing landscape of hiring and the legal side of making sure your hires go RIGHT!

  • How is this a Proven Process


    We get it! You didn't get to where you are in business by just accepting everything you see on the internet!

    What makes this a proven process?


    We started by sharing this process with hundreds of companies across Central Texas.

    Partial implementation dropped one company's recruiting from 3 months to 3 weeks!

    Full implementation transformed another company from a 6-week interview process with 100% turnover in the first 6 months to a 2-day interview process and 87% retention rate in the first 6 months!


    Then, just to double check! We sat down with the titans of hiring (including The People's Shark Daymond John), it turns out that the same process has been the key in some of the biggest names in business including Rackspace!


    Now it's available to you!

  • What Will You Learn

    This event is about how to find & hire the right people for your business!

    You'll learn...


    When to Hire

    Do you know when you should and shouldn't be hiring? Now you will!


    How to Find Great People

    Hint: The great people aren't hanging out on craiglist ads!


    How to Weed Out Bad Apples

    Avoid the 'professional interviewers' who look great...till they get onboard!


    How to Create Great Retention

    Finding the right people is only half the battle! You've got to convince them to stick around too!

  • FAQ

    Because we KNOW you've got some questions about this thing!

    When is this event?

    We get it - everyone is super busy and you gotta check the calendar!

    We are only offering this event ONCE in 2018 on April 19th.

    We will start promptly at 9am and just plan on spending all-day with us (ending around 6:30pm) to get all this juicy content!

    Where is this happening?

    All of our event locations are revealed between 1 and 2 weeks prior to the event to our registered attendees ONLY but we can make two promises:

    1) It will be an AWESOMELY cool place

    2) It will be inside San Antonio, TX

    Should I attend this event?

    Look - we've got limited seating, so we want to make sure that it's the right place for you to be too!

    If you've asked yourself recently if you should look into hiring help...

    If you've asked yourself recently why good help is so hard to find...

    If you've told yourself "There's got to be a better way to find help"...


    Then yeah - you should probably re-arrange your schedule & plan to attend!

    What will I get out of this?

    Pre-Event Homework - So you can hit the ground running day-of & review whenever needed!

    TTI Assessment - Hint! It's worth $350 but comes FREE with your registration and is a big part of building your ideal hiring process!

    An Awesome Workbook - All out workbooks are bound for long-term use and inside your workbook you'll customized our proven processes to your company including interview questions, job description designs, recruitment ideas, and outlines for a retention process!


    Oh and did we mention yet that we're providing lunch so you can stay on-site and make the most out of your day?



    How much does it cost?

    All seats are $325/apiece and include everything listed above!

    Registration available below.


    If you'd like to come but you're concerned about the price or the value, let us know by filling out the contact form below and we'd be happy to chat shop & figure out your best option together!


  • Get on The Waiting List

    This Event Is Currently Not Available For Sale

    Seats will be available for sale once a 2019 date is set!

    You'll be the first to know once we've got a date & have seats available (with early-bird pricing)!

  • Terms & Conditions



    There are no refunds available for seminar payments. Payments may be applied towards other Scheller services if desired but request must be submitted in writing to Stephanie@TheStephanieScheller.com prior to event start and written approval of request must be approved prior to fund transfer.

    Rescheduling Policy:

    If you are unable to attend the seminar indicated above after payment is processed you may apply the funds paid towards a ticket to attend any other Scheller Event within the following 12 months provided that request to reschedule is received and processed at least 14-days prior to seminar start. If the new event ticket exceeds the amount paid, remainder must be paid at time of registration. Reschedules within 14 days of seminar start will incur a $150 rescheduling fee automatically assessed to the account on file except in case of family or health emergencies.

    For seminar reschedules requested within 72-hours of seminar start, please see next section.

    Within 72-Hour Rescheduling Policy:

    If you need to reschedule your seminar with 72 hours of the seminar start there will automatically be a $199 rescheduling fee per participant assessed to the account used to pay for the seminar seat. Exceptions available in instances of health or family emergencies but must be submitted in writing to stephanie@thestephaniescheller.com and written approval must be received prior to seminar start to avoid rescheduling fees.

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