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  • We're tired....

    ...Of watching businesses under $250k be unable to afford the support they need to make smart decisions & grow fast!

    ...Of watching 92% of all businesses in the US never cross $250k in annual revenue!

    ...Of watching business builders decide it's not worth it to grow past $250k because of the headaches!

    There ARE answers & they are finally affordable!

  • This is the perfect fit for...

    This group is only for a select segment of business owners!

    This group coaching program will focus on business owner challenges that are specific to business owners facing the criteria below.

    If you do not fit at least two of the three the criteria below, we recommend you reach out to discuss other options here.

    Under $250k Revenue

    You've generated less than $250k total income in one year!

    Businesses that have not managed to top $250k in revenue tend to face the same challenges as other businesses who have not topped $250k in revenue. The good news is, this means it's easily fixable with the right coach!

    Less than 7% Net Profit

    The majority of your income is going back out the door to vendors and employees!

    No matter how large your business, if you're facing less than 7% net profit (and real profit - cash in the bank!), you're in serious trouble. It's time to fix cashflow issues, collection issues and learn how to read your P&L to make it an asset!

    Less than 10 Employees

    You and your entire team can fit into a mid-sized car!

    Small teams face different issues than companies with larger groups. And if your goal is to get to the larger groups, you'll need to address the issues prevalent here first!

  • How Will This Help You?

    For $199/month you get the following support to help you overcome your challenges


    Check Ins

    Monday Motivations


    Email Updates

    Our coaching team checks in personally each month via text and email with all members, asking questions based on what's going on in their business, helping them set & keep moving towards monthly goals, etc!


    Weekly 2-minute Monday Motivation recordings are also provided!


    Email & Text Support

    Monthly Call

    Office Hours

    We host a monthly training and coaching call for our members plus we offer a private texting line just for Grow U Members. This line is constantly monitored so they can rest easy with multiple methods (email and texting) to ask questions and get answers.

    We also have designated office hours just for Grow U members to get live one-on-one help!


    Reaching out with questions is highly encouraged! The more you ask, the more you learn.






    Self Care

    We currently have 450+ videos available focusing on the challenges specific to business owners under $250k revenue.

    More are added monthly!


    Our platform also incorporates a great search engine so you can search for what you need help with and find the perfect video!

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